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The site is designed and hosted by us. It has a  simple download facility for free books. Blog, Photo Gallery Links Page and Google Adsense. Also a paid Sponsor Banner feature that can produce earnings.  You can have up to 8 pages in total (Extra pages if required cost £20.00 per page) Order Now £300.00 then £100 per year.


We created this site for a property agent in Spain. The site is vibrant, plays happy music, has animation and numerous pages. We maintain the site on a regular basis, amendments every two months as property is sold and new ones added.

Order Now £300 then £300 every 6 months ( equals £600.00 per year fully maintained)


So How Much Will It Cost to Design My Website?

Surprising little!  We offer 2 choices.

1. We will design and host your a professional site.

2. We will design, host and maintain your professional site

The first option costs just £300 for the first year then £100 for subsequent years. Alterations and amendments to the Site after it has been designed to your satisfaction are charged out on an hourly basis, a quotation will always be provided.

Option 2 is an all inclusive annual price. Alterations, Updates and Amendments are not charged out. This costs £600.00 per annum and is preferred by most clients because they know exactly what the cost will be and it can be budgeted for. This option can be paid for by subscription every six months if required. (£300 on purchase then £300 every 6 months). So for  £1.65 a day equivalent you can have a fully featured site similar to our clients below.

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